Inside Supercars – Show 338 – Fan Forum 2021

Click here to listen – Show 338 – Fan Forum 2021

Kimmy Hunter, Andrew BULL Little (Bull TV), Darren Edgerton, Marc Benson, Rowan Measday (Erebus Motorsport Racing Army) return to the show to provide their thoughts on Supercars over the past 12 months.

• What is important to a fan for Supercars Gen3 car to have?
• Should the teams be required to have it on the grid at race 1, 2022?
• What they think of TA2.
• Does the level of engineering on the cars matter to a fan?
• Did they like the ways supercars finished the COVID-19 2021 season?
• What do they think of the Adelaide 500 being cancelled and what does it mean to you?
• What has been the race of the year & drive of the year?

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