WNBL 2010-2011 – Round 12 – Canberra Vs Dandenong

WNBL 2010-2011 – Round 12 – Canberra Vs Dandenong

Canberra fell late in the year before the New Year break, after a dream run. They’ve had to wait a few weeks to get the chance to rebound and they come up against a Dandenong Rangers side who only a few rounds ago, sat only one place beneath them.

Dandenong have had a horror run the past few rounds and have struggled, many citing the loss of Kathleen MacLeod as a possible reason for this.

Well, MacLeod is back, and just in time, as the Rangers face a massive test against the League’s top side. It’ll be their second clash without the services of import Ash Robinson but they have enough depth to carry them through.

Barring the final stumble against Townsville, Canberra were almost untouchable in 2010; will the likes of Jess Bibby, Marianna Tolo and Michelle Cosier keep that form alight in 2011?

Join Simon Peters, Mark Aston and Michelle Hocking for all the Action of the Capitals first game of the new year.