Inside Supercars – Show 38 – Perth Review

Click here to listen – Show 38 – Perth Review.

Chad Neylon (V8SC) and Stefan Bartholomaeus (Speedcafe) wrap up an interesting weekend in the West.

  • Winterbottom’s Saturday double
  • Davo’s Sunday Success
  • Fabian’s Q9 red flag / race comeback
  • No safety car at the end of R9 was that the right call?
  • SVG tyre saving, was it worth it?

Will Winton continue the Lowndes 100 watch, or will the focus be on the racing and Lowndes leading the championship

Is Courtney becoming “The Accumulator”?

Is Coulthard a challenger?

Tyres Allocations (When is enough not enough)

20 min qualifying but no one wanted to use the extra time.

Practice on tyres that are either worn out already or will still have to be used on a race weekend is a deterrent to going out on the track.