V8 Insiders – Show 244 – Christmas Angels

Show 244 – Christmas Angels


Kirsty and Ebony from the XXXX Angels join us to look at the season, and provide their perspective on how V8 Supercars were travelling in 2010.

The V8 Insiders asked Drivers, Team Owners and Officials to sum up their year using one word, here are the answers in the order they are said on the show:

Adrian Burgess – No! I can’t

Will Davison – Shattering

Warren Luff – Interesting

Tony Ricciardello – Tough

Greg Murphy – Rubbish

Dean Fiore – Steep Learning Curve

Greg Murphy – Scheiße

Gary Rogers – Fantastic

Fabian Couthard – Eventful

Alex Davison – Frustrating

Andrew Jones – Terrific

Andrew Thompson – Shit

Craig Wilson – Disappointing

Tony D’Alberto – Rollercoaster

Tomas Mazera – Quick

Todd Kelly – Frustrating

Tim Slade – Ok

Tim Edwards – Character Building

Craig Lowndes – Rollercoaster

Garth Tander – Long

Steven Johnson – Frustrating

Shane Van Gisbergen – Better

Shane Howard – Amazing

Roland Dane – Brilliant

Rod Nash – Overwhelming

Rick Kelly – Not Ideal

Paul Morris – Promising

Paul Dumbrell – Surprising

Michael Caruso – Reasonable

Martin Whitaker – Awesome

Mark Winterbottom – Inconsistent

Lucus Dumbrell – Disappointing

Lee Holdsworth – Satisfying

Kim Jones – Dramatic

Kevin Fitzsimons – Busy

Karl Reindler – Rollercoaster

Johnathon Webb – Success

Jason Bright – Building

Jason Bargwana – Challenging

Jamie Whincup – Mistakes

James Courtney – Crazy

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all the V8 Insiders